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If you're looking for help and support: if you have just suffered a loss and feel you may benefit from hearing from others in similar circumstances, or would like to share your losses or ask for support, join our e-mail support groups. We have different groups depending on the nature of your loss. To find out more, go to our Support Groups area.

If you need to read something helpful, moving or uplifting: have look in our Library. Here you can find articles on various aspects of grief and bereavement - such as how to cope with grief during holidays, or how children grieve, or gender differences and grief, as well as less formal writing including poems written by bereaved parents or thoughts and reflections by some famous and not-so-famous people.

If you wish to obtain a book or video on some aspect of bereavement: search through our Bookstore. Books and leaflets are listed by publisher. Here you can also obtain video and audio cassettes and other items.

If you are looking for something or someone: a hospice, support group, funeral home, counsellors, retreats or need contact information for your region please look in our Resources section. Here you will also find many links to other related internet sites from all over the world dealing with grief and loss.

Our Memorials are where you can leave a tribute to someone dear to you.

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