Welcome to GriefNet Support Groups!

GriefNet runs a number of support and discussion groups which are accessed by e-mail. Here you can find support by exchanging messages with other group members, share your thoughts and feelings or ask for advice.

GriefNet mailing lists - discussion and support groups:

You may subscribe to any mailing list which interests you. You will find answers to some frequently asked questions here. New groups are formed whenever there is a need for them. What follows is a description of each group and instructions on how to join them:

grief-chat is our general discussion list for any topic related to death, dying, bereavement, or other major loss. As threads appear which generate a lot of interest, other lists spin off, such as grief-parents or grief-training.

grief-widowed is a support group for anyone who has lost a partner or a spouse at any age, at any time, of any sexual orientation. If/when subscribers find a need for a more focused list, that can be created.

grief-training is our group open to anyone wishing to discuss issues related to training professionals or lay people about dealing with grief, bereavement, death, dying, and other forms of major loss.

grief-parents is our general parents' support group for parents who have had a child of any age die from any cause, whether recently or long ago. Several other groups have spun off from grief-parents. These are:

Topics in these various groups overlap, and parents are welcome to join as many of these lists as they wish.

grief-grands is a list for grandparents who have had a grandchild die from any cause.

adult-sibs a list for adults and older adolescents who have had a sibling die, whether recently or long ago.

kids-to-kids is our support group for children dealing with any major loss. Adults may lurk but only kids may send messages.

adult-parents is for adults who have lost a parent at any time, now or in the past, whether as an adult or as a child, and for those whose parents are chronically or terminally ill.

adec-chat is a discussion group for any member of ADEC [the Association for Death Education and Counselling]. We run this list as a donation to ADEC, and don't check whether you're really a member, so if you're not, you are on your honor to join ADEC. To do so, check for information in our Professional Building under Related Organizations in our web pages.

grief-pets This list is an on-line support group for anyone dealing with the loss of a pet--any pet, whether the loss is recent or not, or even the imminent death of a pet.

grief-men is our group for bereaved men who want especially to talk with other men about their loss

birth-mothers is our support and discussion group for women who have put a baby up for adoption, whether recently or long ago.

grief-choice is our support group for women who have had an abortion. This group is not open to anyone else, and the approval of the list-owner is required in order to join.

How Do I Join?

To subscribe:

If your browser has an e-mail facility, just click on a group of your choice. When the mailer opens, leave the subject line blank and in the body of the message write:

subscribe list-name your-email-address

(for example: subscribe grief-men ralph@aol.com)


To join any of our lists except grief-choice, send mail to:


and in the body of the message write:

subscribe list-name your-email-address

(for example: subscribe grief-men ralph@aol.com)

To join grief-choice, send your request to griefnet@griefnet.org