GriefNet Library: Poetry



As I Die
   by Karen Graydon

   by Judith Melanie Mershon

   by Richard van der Steen

December 14, 1995
   by John Bis

Faith to Get By
   by James Gaspard

   by Linda M. Lorenzo

For Edith Helen Gyger Dodge (1916-1996)
   by Marie Eaton

Give me a Special Gift this Year
   by Fay Harden

I heard the call...
   by Tim Groom

I said to the man...
   by Minnie Louise Harkins 1875-1957

In Loving Memory
   by Sandi Antoni

In Memory of Stanley Bis
   by John Bis

Mother's Day
   by James Hawkins



To Niels
   by Richard van der Steen

In the night of death...
   by Robert Ingersoll

The Night My Father Died
   by R. Hall

Our Guardian Angel
   by Allan H. Day

Poem 3
   by Richard van der Steen

Poems for Laura
   by Cathy Graham

   by Emily Carton

Silent Scream
   by Suzana Garrison

Starlight and a Stranger
   by Therese Baader Gump

Summer Song
   by Sylvia Leigh

   by Judy Dickey

To Griefnet We All Come
   by Bonnie, Di's Mom

Walking the Stepping Stones

We Remember Them

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