Memorials for the Victims
of Terrorist Attacks
11 September 2001

GriefNet shares the anguish of all who are bereaved. We extend our greatest sympathy and caring to all those who have lost loved ones in this horrendous U.S. tragedy. Please see our memorial page for grieving resources, a photo gallery, and memorials from visitors and members.

To offer support those involved in the terrorist attacks, we have also added two new e-mail support groups: Horrific Loss and US-Tragedy.

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Ann Meehan Barkow Age 26 WTC Tower One
All persons LOST as a result of 9/11 The people of 9/11 911
Greg Sikorsky Those of 9-11: "The Message Upon the Stone" - by Eric S. Kingston Carl Valvo
The Four-Legged Heroes of 9/11/01 One Year Observance of 9/11/01 All the people who passed on September 11th and the Survivors, God Bless.
To anyone who has ever lost someone Firefighter David P. DeRubbio and in dedication to all "The Message Upon The Stone"
Victims of 9-11 TO THOSE WHO DIED ON 09/11/01 FROM SOUTH AFRICA Colleen
A Prayer For a Nation Memorial TO THE PEOPLE KILLED ON SEPTEMBER 11,2001
America Colleen Ann Meehan Barkow Age 26 WTC Tower One
Those lives lost Sept 11, 2001 and for the loved ones suffering now "The Heroes Of September 11, 2001"
All those who lost their lives in the 9.11.2001 terrorist disaster. To All Of The Victims Of September 11, 2001 The people of New York
America In loving memory of all those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 To All Americans lost on Sept 11,2001. God Bless you !
All those who suffered
a Song of Consolation
Those who have been lost To all that gave their lives on 9/11/01
The people lost 9-11-01 Victims of the World Trade Center and Pentagon All those killed in the tragic events of 9/11/01
All Firefighters, Police, And All Rescuers Who Lost Their Lives On 9/11/01 Innocent Passengers Our Neighbors In The United States
Innocent Lives Lost Those that died September 11, 2001 USA and WTC
NY FIREFIGHTERS Our US friends For Those Who Will Give and Recieve Mercy in this time of national tragedy
To The Lost Spirits...New York World Trade Center. To all who suffer and to all who have not been informed ALL VICTIMS OF THE TERRORIST ATTACKS
September 9, 2001 american neighbours and friends to all the innocent lives that were lost on september 11, 2001
No Title Those who gave their lives September 11, 2001 Dedicated to all of the men woman and children who lost their lives
LOST BROTHERS AND SISTERS The World Trade Center Victims All The Victims of the World Trade Center and Pentagon Bombings
Eugene Raggio-1943-2001-Beloved Father, Husband, Brother, Cousin and Friend Daniel Lewin TO ALL THE PEOPLE IN NEW YORK
In honor of those who died on September 11, 2001 The Victims Of The Cowardly Attack To all that were lost
Pentagon Personnel Innocent Victims
of terrorism
All The Americans Who Perished

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