In Loving Memory of
Christopher Rodriguez II

I was sitting in the waiting room
Waiting, waiting patiently
The moment Mia, your daughter was born
You ran to get me

I heard your footsteps
Running towards the waiting room
Pop, I had a little girl
You shouted with a boom

Pop, come quick and see her
and then you turned, to go back
You were grinning ear to ear
As you went back to see your joy

At that moment, there were no lies
time seemed to stopped
The tears in your eyes
Seemed to say it all

You had found your happiness
You had found your bliss
With tears in your eyes
Emotion overwhelming you
You said - Pop, I love you!

Oh, my son, how I loved you too
And my son, I miss you
But that moment, that look
Your eyes, your words, could fill a book

I am so happy to be your Pop
Son, I Love you and miss you!

[ My son died a month later at the age of 23, when his daughter was one month old ]



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