In Loving Memory of
Jamie M Stowe

What Can One Say????? She Was The Best Friend Anyone Could Have!!! Always Had A Smile On Her Face :) She Was Always Willing To Help Anyone And Everyone!!!Why Is Life So Unfair??? Why Do All The Good People Have To Die??? And Why So Young?? One Day She Is There Smiling And Being Happy.....The Next She Is Gone!! Rember Her The Way She Was The Love The Great Times And Most Of All Her Love!! Friends Are The Best Keep Them They Mean The World To You And When They Are Gone You Will Miss Them!!! My Letter To Jamie...... DEAR JAMIE A.K.A. Hoochie Queen , Hi Hunny I Am So Sorry This Had To Happen To You!!!! I Will Always Rember The Good Times We Had Together!!! I Felt Close To You...Homecomming Memories Will Last Forever In My Heart!! Your Smile Will Stay With Me Forever and Ever ...No Matter How Hard Times Got You Were There To Talk, Choir Would Not Have Been The Same With Out You In It You Had A Voice That Was Awesome Singing With You Was A Pleasure For Me!!! No Matter Where You Are Rember One Thing I LOVE YOU!!!!!! I Have So Much More To Say But Words Do Not Show What You Mean....Got To Go Hope To See You Soon Keep Two Places For your Hoochies We Will Soon Meet Again One Day Untill Than Jamie B And I Will Keep The Hoochies Going HOOCHIES LIVE FOREVER HUGS AND MANY KISSES LOVE YOU VICKY A.K.A. HOOCHIE HOE


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