In Loving Memory of
Kenneth Boyd Fitton

Ken; my hunsky. I miss you more than can be expressed. I am sad that you are no longer here with me (physically), but I am comforted to know you are HOME with our Lord, and loving paradise. Though I hurt at the loss of you, my heart really breaks for Rainey (our daughter - 7 months old), who will not know the WONDERFUL, beautiful person you were. I promise to teach Rainey all about her daddy, show her all the MANY photo's I have of you, our Wedding video and all my momentos of all life together. I thank GOD for bringing you into my life 8 years ago, and giving us those years together. I love and miss you so very much. We (Rainey and I) will continue to blow you kisses every day! (Ken 2/6/67 - 1/22/00)

Your wife and baby girl, Wen & Rainey-Pie


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