In Loving Memory of
Daniel BO James Whaley

It was the last person I would have imagined to commit suicide. We weren't all that close, but I still talked to him and we knew eachother. I still think about Bo. He was only 15.He meant a great deal to me and to many other people I know. He always helped me when I needed to be comforted. I definatly miss him. I just want to tell everyone that it is never ok to kill yourself. I have wanted to and tried, but I always find someone who loves me, who will always be there for me. Bo caused a lot of pain to my community. I hate the way he left me and so many others, but I love him for all that he gave me. He will live forever in my heart. DETICATED TO DANIEL BO JAMES WHALEY. DIED APRIL 8, 1999.

Cassandra Stroud and all of his friends. You will live on BO!!!!


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