In Loving Memory of
solomon n.r. 1933-2000

this is in memory to my father, solomon. he died in dharwad, karnataka state, india. he was 66 years old. he is having his funeral in dharwad. he is given a proper burial. he is a protestant christian. he lived a life to the fullest. he is an example of how to live a life that is given only once. he was born during the depression era and died at the turn of the new millenium. he is survived by his wife, vidyulata, two daughters, jotsna and jaya, two son in laws, jagadeesh and vaibhav, and two granddaughters, divya and bhavya, and the remaining of all our families. he has written two novels, the second volume finished just the day before his death. he was looking forward to the marriage of the second daughter, jaya, to vaibhav, his newest son in law. he will always be remembered as a strong, loving, generous, and carefree man with unlimited potential to do anything. he will say he will do it and he will take great strength to do it. he will be missed by all. we love you pop, wherever you are in the afterworld. you must be talking to your friends and family there right now. while the whole village was dead asleep, a boy was born. (excerpted from his first novel)

in loving memory, from vidyulata, jotsna, jagadeesh, jaya, vaibhav, divya, bhavya, venkatesh, jayashree, supriya, vishal, victor, shantu, vijayraj, jayashree, sundar, asha, gyanama, wilson, pushpa, jeanette, martin, stella, sheila, vincent, christopher, danny, and all the members of the family.


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