In Loving Memory of
Angela Vandergaag

baby i never knew how much i missed you till u where gone! i loved and cherished u! and i still cant let it go that i wont see you for a very long time! i know your reading this from above and let me tell u something hunny your a beutiful angel! i still see you in my sleep everyday and every night please remember to be bright! your the star that shines dim but for the time being i will be strong ANGE HUN I MISS YOU ANGE HUN I LOVE YOU ANGE HUN I WILL NEVER NEVER FORGET YOU (ever) She died the day befor valentines day in the year 2000! she was only 21, but yet she touched so many hearts and put smiles on so many poeples faces and for that ange i cant stop crying

Scott Evers ( i cant stop crying ange i love u)


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