In Loving Memory of
Devaney Maighen Ashlea, 9lb 7oz,

9th Dec 1999~16th Dec 1999

My dear wee Angel Devaney,

Devaney sweet girl, how much I miss you my darling. When you flew above to where only the Angels sing, mummy didn't know how to go on without you my darling, but now I realise you only left my side physcially, you are with me for always in my heart and in spirit.

You only came to daddy and I for 7 short but very sweet days, I would rather of had you for those 7 days than not at all. Mummy and Daddy Our life has forever changed my sweet girl, thank you for coming and showing your sweet angel form to mummy, I love you my girl, rest in peace and look down upon Daddy, Brydie and I. Loves and kisses sweet Devaney. xxxooo

The Angel in the Book of Life, Wrote down sweet Devaney's birth, And mumrmured as she closed the book, Too beautiful for earth

Jacinda Budge


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