In Loving Memory of

You only left us yesterday and the pain is still fresh. I am so sorry you had to die alone but I know that you are with God and Grandma and that is exactly where you want to be. Dad is really hurting right now, he was so looking forward to coming and seeing you in a few weeks and I know you too were excited he was coming but that wasn't meant to be I guess, he will forever regret not getting to see or talk to you that one last time but he says he knows you wouldn't have wanted it any other way, you wanted so much to stay in your house with your stuff after Grandma left us a year and a half ago and that is exactly what you did, you died right there in your house just like Grandma did. I just want to let you know that we all love you and wish we could talk to you just that one last time, but I know your watching and I know we'll get that chance again someday - you enjoy yourself up there with Grandma and Aunt Kay and everyone else that was up there waiting for you when you arrived, I know it must be wonderful to be with them again and I am so happy for you in that regard but still filled with sorrow over losing you here with us. I love you and will never forget you Pop-Pop! Thank you for all the memories!

Love always from your first grand-daughter- Michelle


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