In Loving Memory of

I loved you from the begining, and i know you didn't see. . . but we came together as friends and lovers. I will never forget the life you had, and the love we shared. I see your face in everthing. . .I hear your voice in the wind. . .I am with you when I sleep. . .You will always be my first love. You didn't have to die. . .you could have stayed, we would have been happy. I imagen what it would have been like if we had graduated together. . .if you were in college now. . .if you were living the life I know you wanted and you should have had. . . I watch people around me live life to the fullest and wish you could be with me and experence this. But you left me. . .and all of our friends. . .Some of them are geting married now. . .Just imagen that. . .married. . .A word that i don't wish to hear. . .and makes everything complicated. . .I carrie you with me always. . .Never will your memory leave me. . .It wont happen in this lifetime or the next. . .You were the kindest, smartest, funnest, most beautiful person I knew. . .I will love you forever and for always I see you in heaven. . .and I know you are dancing with the stars. . .Forever you love. . .Forever mine



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