In Loving Memory of
Joe Moreno

You left this world on January 12, 2000 so quickly and unexpectedly.. Words cannot be found to express the sorrow and grief you left behind with your departure. Talented in everything you did.. You were an elite. Your warm smile and caring ways will always be remembered in the many hearts you touched.. Everywhere you went your wonderful cheerful attitude and outlook on life simply radiated and was always contagious to those who were around. No matter what mood I happened to be in I couldn't help but smile and laugh while you were around. There can be no answers given that will give explanation and closure as to why you were taken away from us so soon. But the one and only comfort I can find in this whole unspeakable tragedy, is that now you are with God and in his caring, loving hands for eternity. You will be greatly missed Joe and you will ALWAYS be remembered....

Daiza Gonzales


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