In Loving Memory of
Darin James Moore

May 7, 1974 - Sept. 19, 1998

One of my greatest joys was when I looked into your newborn face for the first time. You were my first born, my only son. You were crying and I was crying with you, but for different reasons for sure. Your tears were the shock and trauma of leaving my warm, safe womb for the bright, cold, noisy atmosphere of the delivery room - your first introduction to the outside world. My tears were of a joy so deep that I would only experience that same feeling twice again in my lifetime.

Now I am crying again, only my tears this time are a sorrow so deep that it goes far beyond any sorrow and pain I could possibly ever have imagined. My heart feels as though a knife has cut it to shreads and left it in scattered pieces that can never be put back together again.

Oh, in time, I'll find most of those pieces put back in their places, but there will always be an empty place where a missing piece will never be found, and from time to time, as inside healing takes place, pain and sorrow will rush forth with a vengeance. But one day, I know, healing will be complete, and that pain will be replaced with an accepting peace and a thankfulness that I had you to hold and love for this short time on earth. Forever would not have been near long enough.

I will always love you my son.

Love Mom

Darin was hit head on and killed 3 weeks before his wedding. He was 24 years old.


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