In Loving Memory of
Katherine Sandler

Kat Remember that poem you read out once in class. We still read it everytime we do it reminds me of you which is good. The Song Of The Whale. Heaving mountain in the sea, Whale,I heard you Grieving. Great whale,Crying for your life Crying for your kind, I knew How we would use Your dying: Lipstick for our painted faces, polish for our shoes. Tumbling mountain in the sea, Whale, I heard you Calling In the forest of the sea, Whale I heard you singing. Singing to your own kind We'll never let you be Instead of life we choose Lipstick for our painted faces, polish for our shoes. As a great friend we will always remember you. Love always Krissy, Lou, Mary anne ,Allie,Dawn and Sez ++++++++++++++++++++++ BYE KAT R.I.P!!!

Kathrine Sandler 1985-1999 Rest in peace girlfriend


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