In Loving Memory of
Mary Rudolph

We gaze at the stars, imagainary ones will do, whatever it takes just to be with you. Wrapped in your arms our heartbeats combine, so close together, our souls intertwine. Together all night maybe over, but we've just begun. My love for you grows with each passing day, I never thought it possible to love one this way. Our love is so strong, it will stay through the years, it will shine in the laughter and brave through the tears. It will live through all the good and bad, and remind us of each day of the blessing we had. You are gone now but remain in my soul, left with thoughts of you my heart remains whole. This is for the Grandma i never had!!! We all love you and will miss you!!

I hope you will always be with us, Love Your, Husband, Children, Famliy, Grandchildren, and Friends


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