In Loving Memory of
My Brother Matthew

I have your big brown eyes you see, thats what everyone says to me.And our sisters, there are two, they both have sparkling eyes of blue. The doctors told Mommy she'd never have more, were there was three, now I'd make four. Matthew you were the oldest one, you were Mommys only son. Halfway along, before I was born, Something happened , Mommys heart was torn.The Angels came and took you away, you were no longer able to stay.I'd never get to feel your touch, look up to you and say, I love you so much. I'd never get to tag along, or say this is my brother, he is so strong.I'd never get to say, would you since your older one day, teach me to ride a bike, throw a ball or just play.There must be a reason God needed you there, he gave me to Mommy to help in her despair.I know you'll always watch over me here, Mommy tells me about you and how in our hearts you'll always be near.Though I never got to meet you, I still feel yor love. Now Mommy has a son on earth and one in heaven above.In time I know one day we'll be buddies together, I know when that day comes it will be forever.Mommy says she's seen my eyes before, for so many years, sometimes I look at her, it brings her to tears. She remembers and I can see, I have your big brown eyes on me.

I love you Matthew, Your brother Sage-Matthew


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