In Loving Memory of
Janel Corinne Colyott 1979-1998

Janel,I miss you very much.When you came into our lives as Matthews girlfriend, you said you'd never leave him,and for 3 years you two were together,planning a future. Then on that cold day November 13,1998 you left suddenly, Jesus took you home. Matthew was devistated, he felt like he couldn't go on without you. It made me so sad to see him suffering. Then one day, July 25, 1999, I received a phone call,Jesus took Matthew home too. Now you and Matthew are going to be together forever.My heart aches almost constantly for you two,I miss you so much, but I have comfort knowing you and Matthew are with each other and happier than you would ever have been in this world. Jesus wanted you together, and he will take care of you both.

I'll love you forever and ever, Matthew and Janel take care of each other, your finally home


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