In Loving Memory of
Gaylin Mayer, Day-Day

To the most beautiful person in the world You are the inspiration for everything I do. You will always be the wind beneath my wings and my hero. Whenever I needed you, you were there. You were a true angel here on earth and it was a privelege to have you as my mom. You were my world for 25 precious years and now Hawkie is my world and all your love comes through in him. Thank you for everything, all the love and care, I only wish I could've had the chance to take care of you and give back just a tiny bit of the heaven you created for me my whole life. Thank you for giving Daddy, Pali and I your unconditional love, we are much better beings because you inspired and loved us with every fibre of your being. I love you and miss you more each passing day. My mom, my angel

Moni-mon and Hawkie


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