In Loving Memory of

passed on October 26, 1999 at the age of 28 yrs. old. She just had her 4th child. The children left behind are Brandon age 11, Brandi age 9, Anthony age 2 and Bliss age 3 months(she was born Sept. 22, 1999) Jennifer had severe asthma and went into cardiac arrest. She has a mother, Flo Bryant, father, Roy Bryant, and 2 sisters remaining also..Samantha age 30 and Tammy age 27. She is missed by all..especially by her children and 2 nephews, Zachary and Colin and a neice, Christa. We are still in shock of losing her, and wish we were just dreaming and it isn't true. I know she is in Heaven and is looking down over all of us.

Love you Jennifer .. Big Sister, Samantha ...


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