In Loving Memory of
Christopher Matthew Jeffries

In loving Memory of my son Christopher who was taken at a young age of 13. He was my best friend we did everything together, we laugh and cried together. The Lord Jesus took him home on Saturday January 8, 2000. He loved beautiful sunrises, and love the music from the Motion picture Titanic. He always said he wanted to go to heaven with his mommy but he when before me to wait till I come to meet him. Every one said that he light up the room with his beautiful smile and that they would miss him very much. Mrs Guffy his teacher wrote a beautiful poem about his smile and his personality He touch a lot of peoples lives in his schools,church,friends, and his family. His death brought a lot of people close together and a lot of people to the Lord Jesus Christ. Christopher will be missed by his Mommy,Daddy,Danny,Grandma, and all of his teachers,and his friends and Neighbors

I love you Christopher from your Mommy


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