In Loving Memory of
John McNeil

I met John years ago, but these past two years Iíve truly gotten to know him. I felt in my heart God gave me an angel in those two years. John gave me so much love and respect. I never could imagine one man holding in his heart all that he had for me. There was never a day that went by that John did not offer to help out in anyway possible. John was happy when he made others happy. It would make his day to simply put a smile on someoneís face. That was his nature, he thought of others before himself. Johnís family meant the world to him, they were his everything, his reason for living. I am very thankful to be included in his kindness and love. He was an angel to us all. John spread his love on earth with his smile, his touch and his generosity. But, my angels wings have folded on earth to leave us, only to reopen in Heaven, where he will rejoin his loved ones that he has missed for so long. But, I know in my heart, he will always be with me, protecting me from above, as my guardian angel. I would like to thank Johnís family for their unconditional kindness and allowing me to help my friend through his time of need. Thank you again Ronny and Paul. Good bye John, I love you and thank you.

My name is Annie, i live in Somersworth New Hampshire my whole life, am now 44. I run a Daycare. Thank you for reading about my buddy John.......


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