In Loving Memory of
Robert SHANE Graham

TO MY DEAREST SON SHANE: From the moment I gave birth, I knew you were my buddy.. Loving anything and everything that came your way - - when you were with Grandma and Papa Bert in the car wreck, and they died instantly, and you came through with flying colors (after months of extensive therapy, not to mention a body cast and no teeth at the age of 4) you heeled up beautifully - - happy to be alive - - ready to meet new friends, go new places, being your kind sweet self to old ones and new little babies. Here's to you , my best friend, the man of my house - - Me and sis (his sister, Bradi age 7) cry every day - - tell funny stories, miss that guitar blaring out of your bedroom window, miss all your co-ed sleep overs we had at the house. He still have them in memory of you. Thank God, your friends are so good to sis. 600 people at the funeral! We are such a small town, we don't even have a high school - - - you are loved my precious Shane. Me and Sis talk to you every night in the stars. One thing, between you and me Shane, I also knew my love for you was incredibly strong, and we were a team - through thick and thin - - I never knew how much I leaned on you - - - I sure do appreciate it...... I'll see you soon. (4/23/84 - 10/10/98) Shane would be sweet sixteen Easter Sunday of this year......... That should tell Momma something...

Barri Cagle, Claremore, Oklahoma - Thanks for being there for people like me that feel so alone. He was such a stud - the chicks really dug him. We Love You Shane Boy


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