In Loving Memory of
Jo Ann LaMont

Dear Mom, I miss you so much. I see your picture every morning and every night, a picture of us taken in Reno on our last trip. Saturdays are not the same any more, knowing I can't expect a call from you. You are always with me, and never more so than when I am leading a grief recovery group. I would never have been able to work with grieving people had I not learned about grief after you died. Your spirit had a hand in leading me onto the path I follow now, and so you are there with us when we have our group meetings. I never told you how in awe I was of how you endured your illness with such grace and dignity. I think you knew while we were in Reno that your death was very close. I wasn't ready to let you go. You were a wonderful mother to me, even when I was difficult to love. If my little girl Helen Jo had been born, I would have done my best to emulate your kind of mothering. I know that you are in Heaven watching over Helen and Zachary. They are so fortunate. I look forward to seeing and hugging you again. I am so grateful for all the years we had together.

Your little DeeDee Bug


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