In Loving Memory of
Candice Nicole Wright

There's so much that can be said about Nicole. Everyone would have something different to say. But I'm speaking from my point of view as her sister. Nicole is the person I want to become. No one would know her heart was weak because she had the biggest heart, with room for everyone & everything. She was so animated & dramatic. So thoughtful & caring. She knew just the right thing to do to help anyone feel accepted & comfortable. Or just the right thing to say to get herself out of trouble. She was so witty & her smile could break any ice. She just glowed. She had a gentle touch - she was the BEST aunt to my babies! She was so tiny, yet so tough. She endured more than I think I could ever handle. She was so smart - in EVERYTHING! She made the grades in school & knew the scriptures like the back of her hand. She was a true leader of others, yet a true follower of Christ. A disciple of Christ. And she's with Him now.

I love you Nicole. I can't wait to be with you again. Love, Tori


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