In Loving Memory of

It seems it was just moments ago when the call came to say you were gone. And it seems just like it was days ago when we decided to part from one another...Sometimes our lives get very complicated and we may not always live up to what others expect of us or need from us...We walked away from one another not because we didn't love one another but because we loved one another so much that we wanted to make sure the other was happy...The day you walked into my life was the luckiest day of my life Dane...You showed me how to love and be loved, you taught me what forever love was gonna be about...I hope now my love that you finally have found some happiness and peace...You will live in my heart and soul forever, not forgeting one tiniest memory...Thanks for being you Dane and when you see tears coming from my eyes it may be from missing you but also from having the opportunity to have you in my life if only for awhile...I'll love you forever... Your living inside my heart now...

Love, Luann


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