In Loving Memory of
James Eugene Longhofer, Jr.

Jimmy, You finally got to see Grandpa Bob again today. I hope he was the first face you saw when you left us. We know he would want you to feel comfortable again and warm.

We love you Jimmy and we hope you are at peace. You always were the brother I idealized. Ever since I was a little girl deep down inside me I always looked up to you.

Your brothers John and Robert are going to miss you but I am sure they will talk to you everyday. Kristin, well- you know Kristin. I think I'll miss you the most. I loved instant messaging you everytime I saw you were on the internet. Thanks for replying back. Mom and Dad have lost their first and oldest son today and that is a loss that no parent should ever have to face. Peace be with Mom and Dad and that they know that they created a very special person, son, husband, father, and brother.

I love you Jimmy and you will never leave my mind or heart. Bye

Your beloved sister, Heidi L Longhofer


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