In Loving Memory of

BORN MARCH 12, 1980 DIED MARCH 6, 2000

Though you were with us for such a short time, you're memory will endure forever in our hearts. By your choice in taking your own life, you have denied the world of a handsome, intelligent, funny, sensitive, and unique person. You had so much to offer this world. The difference you saw between you and your peers was what made you such an endearing young man. Our lives will be so very empty without you and your beautiful smile. I cannot bear to think of holidays without your presence at the table. I look at the pathetic little box of your most treasured belongings mingled in with sympathy cards and the guest book at your funeral, and it makes my heart so very sad that this is all that's left of my only son. What a wonderful father you would have been, and what beautiful children you would have had; just like you. Our lives will go on, but will never be the same again. We are like hollow shells, existing from day to day, trying to bear the grief that is unbearable. You were a part of our souls, and the highlight of our otherwise mundane existence. You and your sister have been the center of our world forever, and in an instant of sadness our world collapsed. Rest in peace my son, and help guide us until we are together again.

With eternal love.... Mom and Dad


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