In Loving Memory of
Dorothy M Sorensen

There isn't much that I can say to make this day much better
If only you could see the words I am writting in this letter.
I miss you just as much right now as I did on that day,
you went with God and left me here, yes the day you passed away.
I guess no one really understands just how I truly feel,
how hurt I am, how much I cry, to them I can't reveal.
To them, I am very happy, just as happy as can be,
there are things behind this soul of mine, that only you can see.
Things are getting better though,there are days that I don't cry,
Days that sunshine warms my heart, and laughter that sneeks by.
Just know how much I love you, and you'll always be apart,
of a very special place I have for you inside my heart.

Love you and miss you
your daughter, Dottie

poem written by:
Dottie Kilcoyne


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