In Loving Memory of

My Darling ANGEL!! I want the whole world to know that you were so very loved---I MISS YOU SO MUCH!! It has only been 2 months since you had to go to Heaven and I pray every night that it's as good a place as it's supposed to be. Did you see how many of your friends came to say good-bye to you?? Did you see that they had to open another room at the funeral home to hold all of the flowers that were sent for you?? Do you remember our song--Have I told you lately that I LOVE YOU!!!! That will NEVER CHANGE!!! I'm OK at work and come home and hang more pictures of you all over the house and write to your friends because they want pictures of you. Did you know that little Alex had such a crush on you that she won't go to a soccer game without going by your house to pick you up first?? DO YOU SEE HOW MUCH YOU WERE LOVED??? Be Happy, Angel......I'll get there someday. Did you see that Chelsea was there to say good bye, too?? I had to let her come--You loved her so much. My heart will always ache with love for you--as will so many others. You were SO VERY LOVED!!!! See you soon and LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!! Mom


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