In Loving Memory of
Mitchell Wayne & Blaine

My Dear Boys, I miss you both so very much. I do feel some comfort knowing that you are together and that you are also with Jesus. He will take care of you both. I know you are in Heaven and watching over me as my Guardian Angels. Please remember that I love you both VERY much. My precious son: Mitch, Mommy is so sad right now without your hugs and kisses. I look forward to the day I can hold you in my arms again and look at your sweet face. I had so many plans for us. The days I would watch you grow up and become a big strong man, making your Mommy proud as usual, will never be. You were the best little angel God could send someone. I was truly blessed to be your Mommy. Give your Daddy big kisses for Mommy and play all you want with your cousin Conrad and your baby brother or sister. I love you my baby boy, MOMMY. My best friend and Darling Blaine: I miss you so much. I wish I had more time with you on Earth. It doesn't seem fair that we had such a happy life and were only given 2 years together. We had such big plans and were truly happy. True love comes but once in a lifetime, and you were mine. We were cut short one day from our wedding. I wanted more than anything to be your wife and to be together as a family for ever. I feel very blessed to have had you in my life. Take care of our son and hug and kiss him daily for me. I love you very much, your Mother Duck. My Dear Boys, I can not wait to see you again! you will live in my heart for ever. Hugs and Kisses, Mommy/Mother Duck


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