In Loving Memory of
Frank V. Cioppa

What is a Dad? A Dad is someone with strong hands, a loving touch and a kind heart. My Dad was probably the best teacher I ever had. He was able to help me become the person I am today. He gave me the gift of an inquiring mind, a love of a good debate, a streak of stubbornness, and the importance to participate in life, not spectate. He also taught me how to sit back for a minute and see the big picture. The gruff demeanor was only on the outside. My father loved me more than anyone has ever loved me before or since, and unfortunately, it took my losing him to realize it. I cannot change the mistakes I made, but I can go forward from here. I can remember him, and keep him alive through being the best person I can be and trying to remember that I can learn from everywhere and everyone in every situation.

I love you Dad, I miss you everyday. Love, Donna


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