In Loving Memory of

As I go on through out the years Every day I should feal guilty, Did I not cry enough tears, Do I not remember enough or take enogh time Do I not feal bad enough, You should have been mine, I will never hold you or wipe your tears, I will never see you get older And watch you grow through the years, What do I do now? I feal guilty just asking, For it must be right that this pain should be lasting? forgiveness is not owed to me, I made one mistake in my life, I can not take it back, No matter how hard I try, No matter how much I ask, This pain in my heart will forever last. CAN I TELL YOU I LOVE YOU? CAN I TELL YOU I'M SORRY? CAN I ASK YOU TO FORGIVE ME? I DON'T KNOW IF IT'S RIGHT, I DO KNOW THAT FOREVER I WILL WISH I COULD HAVE YOU BY MY SIDE. Please know that I love you and you will always be, Right here in my heart, Right here close to me.



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