In Loving Memory of
Michael Lovell

Michael Lovell, a 15-year old boy, who went to my school. He dies young, and will never realize what life has to offer. He died in a car crash, on March 29, 2000. He was thrown from a black car, just as the car bursted into flames, after being chased after by police. He was a big tough type guy, and everyone misses him. I will miss the way he was color-coordinated, the way he walked, the way he hiked up his pants, the way he use to play basketball, holding his pants up with one hand, and dribbling the ball in the other hand. He was a great althete, and he was very popular. He had many good friends, and went through several girlfriends, but I was not one of them, unfortuately. I wish I had been one of his many girlfriends, because he was a really nice guy. I wish he never went. Whenever I hear a sad song on the radio, I cry, for him. I wish he hadn;t gone, I wish he was still here. I just need to say a few more things...I Miss You Mike. Why did you go? Where did you go? I Love You. Mike Lovell 1984-2000 You Will Always Be In My Heart, And I Will Never Forget You, Ever. When someone dies, a chunk of everyone that person knew's heart is taken away, that's you feel an emptiness inside you, when someone dies.

With All The Love Possible, Charlene A Friend Who Cares


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