In Loving Memory of
Lynn Nicole Ward

LACHRYMOSE TEN - by Jeff Spurrell and Jesse Herrett

What we learn when we're old I've learned young
In the perils of war it's a given
19 is when you die
I never knew how to bend the words around a melody
It used to be an innocent life
We'll talk tonight, she said
Her night would come in 10
Mine has yet to come
We still bear the scars from that day on the road
The glass in the gravel reflects her face
Waiting for a night that won't come
Seeing that flash, feeling the shards forever
Until his end
Do your mindless ears hear our stricken hearts beat?
Weeping hand over mouth trembling
Do your eyes hold sight?
Do you have speech to tell what's in your mind?
I recognize your hands
10 years in 10 days, time both scraped and flew
10 days, a boy, a man, lost everything
I see a picture of that face
What God wishes for God's hands bring
The universal human issue... mortality
Screaming at the sky is a tried and true remedy
The final event that produces such a gathering
Identical one left, her grievance is less
I want to see pictures
But don't speak to me of a god that isn't there
Now those nine miles are silent, laughless, lifeless
Now that lonely stretch is lonelier
Knowing your reception's not the same
Two hours to see you and I do all the talking
Will you even hear me?
No time to say goodbye to you
And wishing for more to remember
Pictures can only do so much
In honor we carry the happiness you've given
To our own ending
Claimed in cruelty
My loved friend
I could have died happy with your eloquence
Young lips speak
I am misery
Forgive me this ungodliness and truth.

Lachrymal Music Copyright 1997

The world lost so much when she was taken from it on March 3rd, 1996, at age 19. We miss you, Lynn, and we will always love you. Highway 101 must be twinned to avoid future tragedies like this one. Love Jeff, Heather and Jesse


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