In Loving Memory of
michelle bandy defrates

The twinkling lights of christmas won't shine as bright this year For nothing seems as special now that you're no longer here. The tree with all its tinsel, and the stockings hung just so Have lost all of their glitter, 'cause you're not here, you know. We hear the christmas carols; they play a christmas song, But how can there be music when everything seems wrong? Our days are filled with sadness and our nights are full ofpain, Yet in our hearts there lives the hope that we'll meet you again. And Christmas is the season that makes that hope so real... It's a time of celebration when we know our hearts can heal. For though you are not with us to share the joy down here, You are alive in heaven where the angels are so near. That same angelic host who brought "Good News" to men on earth, And told the shepherds in the fields about the Saviour's birth. They'll sing redemption's story and praise the King of Kings And you'll be there to join right in as the celestial choir sings. No christmas card could ever bring the greetings or good cheer, That you'll enjoy in heaven as you greet the Saviour dear! No present tucked beneath our tree, no gift wrapped with a bow, Will ever compare to the "gift" of life that you have come to know. So how can our hearts be heavy, when we picture you up there, Beside the throne of God this year, in the glorious robes you wear? It's true we miss your laugh, your touch; we miss your smiling face, But we know that you are smiling there in the Saviour's warm embrace. And though Christmas here is not the same without you by our side, Heaven's become a sweeter place as with Jesus you abide. So when we wake on Christmas 'morn and remember you're not here, We'll turn our hearts and thoughts t'ward heaven, with memories we hold dear. And we will light a candle and perhaps we'll shed a tear, But we know for you, you're going to have the best christmas time this year!

jean and jerry


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