In Loving Memory of
Nathan Alan Minton

My Dearest Nathan, My love, I miss you so very much. It is the Christmas season again, and we will be spending it apart. I know that your spirit lives on in my heart and it will live on forever, until we are together again. I remember the words of the song we called our own, and I repeat them to you once again, "There is NO Place that far..." No matter where you are I will be there with you. My love for you has not changed and nothing and no one will ever take your place in my heart. I long for your touch, your kiss, to hear you whisper my name. In my dreams you live, every waking moment is filled with memories we shared. Many have said that time will heal the pain, but still the pain remains. Merry Christmas Nate, I love you....

Lovingly, now and Forever Yours, Jo Anna


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