In Loving Memory of
Janice Lynne Ravelli Rutzler (MOM)

It's been 19 years to the date that you were taken from me, and it never gets any easier. It was such a shock that I still find myself looking back and wondering what could have been and where we would have been now. We were just beginning a transition in our relationship from Mom to best friend and I hate that that was taken from us. I often wished I could talk to you once more, although, I don't really know what I would say; I guess I really just want to know that you are all right. Even now I still find myself getting upset and unconsolable at times, I always figured it would get easier but it never has and I guess it never will be. I hope when I cross over you will be there waiting for me. I love you and I will see you someday.

Your loving first born, CEC


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