In Loving Memory of
Ethel Yetta Zimmerman Drexler

Born: 2-4-24 Died: 8-16-00 You were many things, a daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, grandmother and great-grandmother, but most of all you were a friend. I will miss you more I know as time continues to pass, and my only wish was that we had said more to each other about the things that really count. I pray for your soul and wish you the peace that you so deserve. You lived a remarkable life and died with the courage and dignity that only you could have brought to death. I will be forever grateful for your last lesson on how to die, and I pray that I can be as gracious when I meet my end. Mom, I miss you...and the empty hole in my heart will never heal, but mostly I wish for one last hour with you...time to say what didn't get said and one more time to say "I love you". I will mourn now for you and me, and I pray for a day when we can see each other again and say those unsaid words, until then rest well and be at peace.

Your daughter...LR


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