In Loving Memory of
William T. Baker, Sr.

JUNE 20, 1940 - DECEMBER 10, 2000 Watching and waiting for someone to come, knowing it would be Min, your only love. Knowing that you are in pain and that you would have to leave her, watching her silently sleep, but quietly saying good-bye. In good times and bad, you were always there, grumpy sometimes, but we didn't care. We loved you for you and that was enough, our father, a husband, a man of good stuff. You stayed through it all even though it was rough, you knew you had six children who needed you tough. All of us knew your love, even though it was hidden at times, we all knew we belonged to a family that cared for not worldly possessions, but simple pleasures we shared. A cup of coffee in passing, fishing and camping, talking and drinking, are treasures to remember. Dear Dad, we will remember, that in good times and bad, you didn't leave us until God had it planned. Please know we all love you and will miss you very much, there is a place in our hearts that you really touched.

Martha, Virginia, Mary, Billie Jo, Bill and Al.


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