In Loving Memory of
Officer Larry Wirth Jr.

This is for my father. For one reason or another, took his final motorcycle ride on October 10, 1999. Could it have been fate? What is fate, but more than a belief, or a fear of not being able to control ones destiny. Why did the road that he was supposed to take home have a detour sign in the middle of it? If it didn't would it have changed anything? Was it fate that took him from us, from me, who was finaly begining to have a great father son relationship? Who controls fate? Is it God? If so, then why did he choose to take him now, and not thirty or fourty years down the road? Why, when everything was finaly good in our lives? Is that the work of this so called merciful god? Who wants all of his "children" to be happy. Or was it just an accident waiting to happen, in that spot at that certain time? What if they went just a bit slower, or faster, it wouldn't have happened, everything would be normal. But the choices of two people, or one god took him away, and disfigured him so badly that not even his family could look upon him after his death. No face to face final goodbyes', just the cold metal box, the only face you can see is your own reflection. Before his death, one person, a woman hurt him more than any before. Words were exchanged, all harsh, bitter words, and one sentence that will forever ring loudly in the ears of the family and the woman who said it. For those who knew her, and my family, know that sentence, and none will ever repeat those words ever again. She, who said it must be living a life of total pain and agony, for she made a wish, and it came true. I was not around to hear what she had said, but after he died, my family had told me what she had said and with the anger and almost hopefulness that it would happen. But, being like my father, I do not hate or even dislike this person, forgiveness is part of me as it was my father, and I do forgive her for those words that she said. My family doesn't understand my fellings. They are in total hatred of her, and yes it is for good reason, but my grandmother said that I should always be like my father and forgive those who hurt us, no matter how bad they do, I should never live my life in hatred of anyone. I hope one day, she can heed her own words and give forgiveness to someone who was speaking out of anger, not out of her heart. Because I knew her heart more than my father even did, her and I would sit and talk about him and her, and I knew how much she loved him, and I saw the rage that she could give out. But I still know deep inside that she didn't mean what she said, and most likely didn't know that she was saying it. As for the kid who for one reason or another decided to turn in-front of my father, my forgiveness for him is there, though I do not totaly forgive him yet. He or his family have yet to call or contact us about our loss, as if it never happened. He kills a man and gets off with just a ticket. Instead of the vehicular ma-slaughter charge that should have been. But again I cannot hate him, it is not in me to hate him, only to feel sorry for him. I began this with many questions, all start with why. Because that is all anyone can say or ask about death. And as for his death being fate or not, who knows. I don't know how to end this, I guess I could end it with some words that he used to live by, or at least I think he lived by them. "Becareful of the decisions you make in life, live your life to it's fullest and do the things you want to do when you can, you never know when you will be called upon to take your place next to god, live every day as it maybe your last and Carpe Diem (Seize the day)".(Larry B. Wirth JR. August 14, 1960 - October 10, 1999) May you watch over us and protect us untill we meet again.

Your son, Brian


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