In Loving Memory of
Wayne Pate

So many thoughts come to mind whenever we hear your name, Without you our lives will never be the same. We are so young and don't understand, Why God came and took our number one man. It has been nine monthes since you went away, Yet in our hearts you will forever stay. If we could turn back time and once more see your face, We think maybe the sadness it would erase. Daddy our lives will never be the same, And we look everywhere to try and lay the blame. When we look into the woods and see a deer, We still somehow hope to find you near. We go to bed at night and pray to god above, That before you left this world you knew you were loved. If we could talk to you and hear your voice, We would tell you even if we could pick you'd still be our choice. We love and miss you Daddy. Daddy's Girls.

Haley and Hannah Pate Ages 6 & 5


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