In Loving Memory of
David Craig Gray

I love you as much as the sky my sweet pea, I remember the water and the sand as we walked hand in hand, never did I dream that you would ever leave me. Now my days are clouded my heart is broken, how can I go on with out you here, so many thoughts that still need to be spoken, sometimes I just cry wishing you were near. I know now if I had not left you then, that you just might still be here among all your friends, still we went our seperate ways, now I have to live with the emptiness for the rest of my days. I miss you. Life is not life without you here. No one knows about hammocks like you. No one knows about baywatch dives like you. No one knows how to drive fast like you. No one knows me like you. No one knows secret sauce like you. No one could hurt me like you. No one knows our secrets. No one has touched me like you. No one has loved me like you. No one has ever had my heart like you.

All my heart - All my love - All my life, Jennifer Juniper


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