In Loving Memory of


Erin and I miss you so would be so proud of us: we are the best of friends!.

Everyone misses you, Mom.

You have taught us so much, Mom...and you are still teaching. Thank you.

I never realized how beautiful my mother was/is. You really are a "little angel". So cute!

Mom, I hope to one day earn the love you gave me, and I pray that I can be the wonderful and strong person you were for us.

Several times, everyday, I am reminded of the difficulty you were having here in your earth body. And everyday, I cringe at how we treated you. I can still see the pain in your eyes and I can hear you cry for help, understanding and patience. I am sorry from the depths of my soul, Mom.

I would give anything....absolutely anything to have you back here with us, to have just one more chance to smell your sweet skin, to feel the love in your touch, to see your precious smile.

Your words will come from from our mouths now, and your love light will shine from our eyes. Mom, you are always in our thoughts and in our hearts.

With love,
Deirdre and Erin

December 7, 2000

Your loving daughters (who just would NOT move out)!


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