In Loving Memory of
Barbara Gedalowitz

To my sister, my best friend and part of my soul, Barbara- my heart aches to see you, talk to you and listen to your wisdom-to see you smile and feel the goodness in your heart. I know you are with Mommy and all our loved ones- looking down on us and watching over us- my guardian angels. I miss you so much that words cannot even describe it- I know you feel in your heart my love for you- always and forever. I feel like half of me is gone- I always knew we were soulmates, friends and sisters and I know you did too. I still feel you guidance and I will do for my cancer whatever I have to- be there for me as you always have been- till we meet again. You are so missed by all who knew you- Lanny is holding on- grieving but remembering all the love he held in his heart for you forever. Love you for always and forever, Joy

Joy Kudisch- with love to my sister, my best friend and my soulmate in life and death. All my love and kisses, Joy


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