In Loving Memory of
Michael Falsetto

Grandpa, I wish I would have known you. I think about how diffrent life would have been if you would have not died. I know my dad feels the same. I got some pitcures of you in the mail the othere day and for the first time I got to see what you looked like. My dad was just shocked on how much he looked like you. He had such a hard time growing up without knowing nothing about you. That is why I new I needed to find someone that could fill part of the void my family felt. I found your brother (my great uncle) and he has help fill some of it. I know we will always have that void because we don't have you. My dad wishing he could rember you but he was just 9 months old when you fell from that building. But Grandpa I want you to know we all LOVE YOU very much and wish you could be here with us.

Love you, Crystal


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