In Loving Memory of
Debby Hutchison

To my beloved sister....
There are times I wish I could take your place and erase the pain....You were but a moment of bright golden sunshine, fading away too quickly....Words I should have spoken, deeds I should have done, shall haunt me all the rest of my days....Your strength and courage will never be forgotten....The battle you fought and lost will not be in vain, for those of us left earthbound shall hold dear the memory of the lessons you gently taught us....
Rest now my sister, do not gaze back towards earth where fear and pain still ravage the living...Fly high among the stars and into the heavens....For now I see you in another life as an angel flying high...The hands of time has freed you and you have cast the pain aside....And the dawn it comes and kisses away every tear that has ever fallen from your eyes.....
I miss you and I will always love you.....

From your still Earthbound sister....Love,


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