In Loving Memory of
Daniel John Bishop

My dear Dan, Words cannot express what life is like without you here, I wish for nothing more than to have one more conversation with you, there were so many words we didnt get to tell eachother. I miss you terribly and hope wherever you are, you know that I miss you and love you lots, you were my only brother I had to talk to about family matters and other matters, you always had an ear for me, and even though you were younger you always looked up to me and gave me a hug when I needed it most. I wish I could hug you one more time and tell you to your face that I love you and sorry for the petty brotherly sisterly fights we had. So many people love you Dan, and all miss you. In my heart you will be forever young, and every memory I make you will still be there. I will never forget you dan, NOT EVER. YOU WILL BE FOREVER IN MY HEART AND MIND. YOUR EVERLOVING SISTER SAM


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