In Loving Memory of
ANNA DE RYDER 1926-1991

Mom, Can it really be almost 10 years since you left me. They have been very hard. After you left, life really hasn't been quite the same without you. I miss you and the woman that you were and the terrific mother you always will be. I don't know, that other then the children, that I have seen anything as beautiful as you and not only in a physical way but in every way imagined. The sun, stars, sunsets, none of these compare to you. I was a very fortuante girl to have a role model such as you. Someone who loved/loves her children without measure. Someone who believed in our Lord and prayed to him non-stop and passed that same love for Him onto us. You were and are such a rare and beautiful gift to me. I hold you close to me in my thoughts and my heart so you really are never far at all. How I still long to be with you and to laugh, and dance on your feet, just as I did as a child. Thank for those beautiful memories of a childhood filled with happiness and love and as a young woman to have you as my role model. Without you I would not be me!!! God Bless you Mom for all that you are!!! I LOVE YOU!!! Always, Dedopumpkineedo, your loving daughter



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